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Privacy Policy

Nitto and Nitto Flooring (hereinafter referred to as “Nitto”) operates and manages this website by respecting for the privacy of your secret information including your company, private, and other information paying close attention.

Privacy Policy

  1. For handling private information, Nitto complies with related laws and rules.
  2. To prevent illegal access to, loss of, break, falsify, and leak of private information, Nitto continues educating all its executives and employees by establishing “Private Information Protection Rule”.
  3. Nitto clearly states the purpose when collecting private information from its customers.
  4. Nitto appropriately maintains the private information collected from its customers and others and in principle, Nitto will not use them beyond the stated purpose or provide them to any third parties. (Except for the following cases: (1) ordered by law, or (2) necessary to protect customers’ or the publics’ lives, health and/or assets.)
  5. When Nitto outsources works related to the private information, it strictly investigates the outsourcing company before selecting and after selecting, the outsourcing company shall be responsible in place of Nitto by concluding an agreement for that.
  6. Nitto appropriately corresponds to customers’ requests at its contact including the reference to the private information and correction or deletion of private information.
  7. Nitto keeps taking care of its company’s rules related to the protection of private information including this Privacy Policy.

Handling Private Information

Collecting the information This site collects the private information from customers who make inquiries using the contact form on this site. The information collected from the customer will be managed appropriately. Information collected in this site will not be used for the purposes other than those described later. This site collects the following information automatically for analyzing the access log when a visitor browses pages. However, the collected information will not be used for other purposes.
Managing the information Private information collected in this site will be strictly managed in an appropriate manner. Furthermore, this site takes every preventive action to protect the information from an unauthorized access, loss, falsification, and/or leakage. Should they occur, corrective actions will be taken immediately.
Information disclosure When it is necessary for providing a service or upon request from any legal organizations (when the court, prosecutor's office, police, etc. request for the disclosure of the information, ID registration information, and the profile provided from the user), Nitto may provide such information in response to the request. Except for such a special case, Nitto will not disclose any information to any third party without prior consent.
Use of information Nitto will use information provided from customers for:

  1. fulfilling duties of business deal,
  2. improving and providing products and services,
  3. providing beneficial information,
  4. preventing unauthorized access, and,
  5. monitoring the access to the server to protect from the risk of falsification.
Nitto will not use information for other purposes. Information related to our services that seems beneficial for you may be sent from this site by e-mail or by mail. If you don’t want us to send such information, contact us to request to stop providing.
Disclaimer This website contains links to other websites. We disclaim the protection of private information on and the contents of other websites.